Patricia Palmer
by on December 28, 2021

Title: Beauty and her Billionaire Beast (Tall, Dark and Dangerous Book 1)

Author: Bella Love-Wins

Number of Pages: 258


SmutChick Review:
When Knox sees his chood best friend Isabelle at an event he can't believe his eyes. Isabelle had grown up to be even more beautiful than he remembered when he broke her heart going to college seeing her in his rear view mirror and not looking back. Isabelle is in such shock when she see Knox that she doesn't know if she should run up and hug him or slap him for leaving without a word for 10 years. Knox realizes that maybe Isabelle was more than a friend and she may be the key to the MORE he has been running from. With pressure from both of their families to have a perfect union will their stubbornness and fear keep them from the love they feel for each other? The chemistry is hot with Knox and Isabelle. Great story, I couldn't stop till I was done.

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