Patricia Palmer
by on December 28, 2021

Title: Overworked, an Office Reverse Harem Romance

Author: Dark Angel

Number of Pages: 1,675



Emma is a workaholic that doesn't know what the word relax means. This makes it kind of hard to be an elite travel agent when you don't even know what a real vacation is or how to chill. When told by her Board of Directors to go on a vacation just to see what it is like to take a breather she can't seem to be able to let go. She decides to have a spa day - baby steps - to try and relax. When Emma has a breakdown with just a simple massage how can she ever grasp the concept of relaxing and letting go mentally? Nicole, the owner of the spa Emma visited suggests her to visit some friends of hers that own 4 different exclusive resorts around the world to see how people vacation. What Emma learns from the 4 sexy resort moguls definitely helps with learning how to relax. Spencer, Derek, Xane, and Killian show Emma pleasure, lust, enjoyment, relaxation, and desire. Alexis Angel wrote a super sexy read. I couldn't put this book down till I was done. The sex is so hot and dirty, makes one wish to be in a 4 man sandwich too.

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