Patricia Palmer
by on December 28, 2021

Title: The Devils Kiss

Authior: Gemma James

Number of pages : 208



Gemma James doesn't hold back with this one. Kayla is a single mother desperate to save her sick daughter that she steals from her boss to pay for Eve's treatment. When Kayla is caught her sexy dominearing boss Gage gives her a choice, be his sex slave for 6 weeks or go to jail. Gage is sexy and dark and a monster. Gage's cruelty awakens something burried inside and Kayla and surprises herself when she starts to have feelings for this man. As Gabe is staking claim on Kayla a past love returns that may throw a snag in his plan of dominating Kayla. This is a great story that had twists and turns that had me in my gut. Gage is the ultimate bad guy that you will feel guilty rooting for, someone this bad shouldn't be this hot.

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