Patricia Palmer
by on December 28, 2021

Title: Flesh: The Complete Series

Author: Sky Corgan

Number of Pages: 622



Can a Dom for hire find romantic love? When Lucian Reddick, Dom for hire meets shy Amy Underwood he develops feelings he hasn't felt in a long time. Amy, an interior designer, wants to know what all the hype about BDSM is about. Amy goes to club Flesh and Lucian gives her a taste of his lifestyle. Fate makes it so that Lucian and Amy's paths cross again and the sexual attraction takes over. Are they both destined for more than just sex? The sex is hot!! Lucian will drive you crazy!! He is so sexy, but he is such a pompous ass you root for Amy to just be strong. Great read from Sky Corgan, had me from the first word.

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