Patricia Palmer
by on December 29, 2021

Title: The Devil's Kiss: Series Bundle

Author: Gemma James

Number of Pages: 308



Gage is so bad that it feels so wrong to want him. When Kayla steals from her boss, Gage Channing, she agrees to be his sex slave in order to avoid going to jail and take care of her sick child. One would think that knowing the whole reason for stealing the money was to take care of a sick child would make a person show some compasion but with Gage that isn't the case. If anything this almost drives him to be more sadistic and manipulative in order for him to have Kayla's full submission. Right when you think Kayla may actually fall for Gage a past love comes in and changes everything. Will Gage get the girll? Gemma James is wicked with this novel of hers. How can you root for the "bad" guy? I don't know but I did.....

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