Patricia Palmer
by on December 29, 2021

Title: The Devil's Wife (Devil's Kiss Book 3)

Author: Gemma James

Number of Pages: 220



I don't know if I should hate Gage or love him. Kayla is married to this dark, sadistic dominant. After a year of marriage to the man who made her feel alive, was it a mistake? Can her need of independence push her to forbidden fruit and have her go back to the arms of a past love? Gage's anger and pain can drive anyone to break. My heart hurt when I read this. I felt on edge reading Kayla fighting her desire for her past love Ian and the conflict in her heart. I also felt her pain with Gage's secret, possible motive for Kayla and temptation of what is not right? Gemma James is dark and dirty. Her writing holds you to the brink and then she brings you back. Great read.

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