Patricia Palmer
by on January 2, 2022

Title: Beneath These Lies

Author: Meghan March

Number of Pages: 330



Valentina knows tragedy and fought hard to overcome her demons.  When her friend Trinity is kidnapped Valentina turns to an unexpected ally for help.  Can Rix, a known gang member help her or is this just a rouse to get Valentina.  As Valentina is torn with staying on the right side of the law, Officer Hennessy knows something is wrong and wants to help Valentina and also pursue his feelings for the gorgeous art dealer. Now addressing that she has feelings for both sexy alpha males, Valentina is caught between doing what is right or what feels right.  "Sometimes the dragon is the better choice for the princess than a prince....." 

This is a hot, sexy, suspenseful read.  I could read and reread this book and still sit on the edge of my seat anticipating what is going to happen even though I already know the result.  I absolutely love Valentina and root for her to hold on to her new found strength and inner power.

Meghan March has a way that you will be wanting your own tattooed bad boy alpha for yourself.  This book is part of the Beneath series but each book can be read alone.  


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