Patricia Palmer
by on January 7, 2022

Title: Indebted

Author: Pepper Winters

Number of Pages: 223



I could review each book but in reality you need to read the whole series to appreciate the darkness of this love story.  How can a love story be dark?   There is a contract that spans generations where a first born daughter becomes property to fulfill a debt.  Who would agree to this?  How can this even transpire?  Add deception, coercion, and kidnapping and you have a perfect start to an insane agreement.  Jethro must fulfill his end of the contract which is as first born male to the Hawk family he will "inherit" the first born female, Nila, of the Weaver blood line, and collect a series of debts till the final debt.  With her life and sanity on the line, Nila tries desperately to figure out how to survive what is now her new life.  Jethro wanting to fulfill the contract starts to develop feelings for Nila and now has to figure out how he can save Nila from his father who wants the contract filled as written.

Each book has a different debt that Nila has to fulfill.  Each book has you twisting and turning on what could possibly happen next.  The connection between Nila and Jethro will have you hot and bothered and then wondering on how you can think this is hot, but you do. Pepper Winters has a way of tapping into the darkness within and can pull love out.  I do want to point out that there is kidnapping, dubious consent, and dark erotic scenarios.  If this is too much for you then this is not the series for you.

(Personal note: My heart belongs to Kestrel  <3)


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