Patricia Palmer
by on January 8, 2022

Title: Explicit

Author: Roxy Sloane

Number of Pages: 284



Jackson Ford is a author that has sold millions of his action thriller books.  With movies being made of his books and a new release about to get published what can have Jackson on edge?  His new editor Ellie Parker.  Ellie Parker is assigned this larger than life author and she is determined to help Jackson be the best author he can be.  When Ellie calls Jackson out on his bullshit and how he is just going through the motions with his newest book.  Ellie wants the rawness that was present in his debut novel.  She knows that Jackson is immensely talented and now he is just disinterested and is pushing out cookie cutter action garbage.  The ego on Jackson gets the best of him and the challenges from his editor forces him to be explicit with his intentions.  

"First I'm going to spank you.....then I'm going to fuck you until you scream my name."

Hot sexy read that grabs you and holds you till the end.  The emotional rollercoaster watching Jackson be his own worst enemy is nerve wrecking.  Loved every word of this story.  Roxy Sloane knows how to tell a great story.


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