Patricia Palmer
by on January 15, 2022

Title: Expose

Author: Drew Jordan

Number of Pages: 153



This is the 3rd book in the Crash series and should be read last for the full effect of the story.  This is the story of Laney and the Stranger through the Stranger's perspective.  This is not a flashback of the first two books but a continuation of the story with the Stranger's voice telling what is transpiring. The darkness is more prevalent in this book.  You get to see what  made the Stranger who he is and how Laney still loves him, demons and all. While returning to Alaska where their journey started Laney and the Stranger have new obstacles to overcome.  Will their secrets be discovered?  Drew Jordan takes you down a road you didn't know you wanted to go down and you question why you don't feel guilty going there.  This is an unconventional love story with Stockholm syndrome, murder, and violence.  This is not a book for the faint of heart. 

Drew Jordan has wonderfully wrapped this delicious evil love story up with a bow.  Sexy suspenseful novel, well worth the read.


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