Patricia Palmer
by on January 18, 2022

Title: That Girl is Mine

Author: Eve Cates

Number of Pages: 70



Dylan, a sexy tattoo artist, agrees to let his best friend Josh and his girlfriend Avery, move in with him while they get on their feet. Dylan wants his partying girl chasing friend back, instead he gets a love struck guy who has found his one.  Josh tells Dylan " Once you meet her, you'll understand."  With Josh working on his residency, Avery ends up spending a lot of time alone.  When Avery gets hurt, Dylan feels guilty for causing the injury he helps Avery get around.  With so much time being spent together Dylan has feelings for his best friend's girl.  Knowing that this is wrong Dylan tries to step away but Avery is also developing feelings....  Now all bets are off.  Dylan is set on making that girl his.

Sexy forbidden love story.  This is a trilogy and well worth reading.  Eve Cates makes being bad so good.


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January 18, 2022
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