Patricia Palmer
by on February 15, 2022

Mason is a womanizing, liquor drinking, motorcycle making ultimate bad boy.  Mason strives to make everyone he meets hate him.  He will take a woman to bed, bring her all the pleasure in the world, but then will turn around and make sure she leaves hating him so he knows that it will never turn into anything more.  Mason's world comes to a slamming halt when he meets his new neighbor, Violet.  Violet is trying to get her app launched and start on a venture that could be quite lucrative for her and her partner Victoria.  With so much on her plate who has time to think of a relationship?  Mason finds out that Violet is holding on to more than her ambition and drive for success.  Violet's innocence has now become Mason's obsession and he won't stop till he plucks this flower.  

When Violet throws caution to the wind and wonders if Mason is as bad as he says he is, feelings grow.  Now Violet is in danger of falling for a man that promised her, his main mission besides taking her innocence is that she will walk away hating him.  A twist of fate comes around and now Mason is the one who is falling for the perceptive, sexy neighbor.  Will they both survive this relationship or will it be as Mason says......"You're going to hate me..."

Jaxson Kidman is the king of getting his reader emotionally invested, from the steamy sex to the heart wrenching twists and turns.  An absolute great read.  This is part 1 of 2.



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