Patricia Palmer
by on December 28, 2021

Title: First Comes Love: A Billionaires, Brides, and Babies Romance

Author: Alexis Angel

Number of Pages: 1,840


If you are a member of Alexis's Dirty Angels and are on her mailing list you MUST read this. When I first joined the group I would only glance at her e-mails and look for the freebie. Hey I'm honest. Then I actually started reading them. We follow Alexis in her adventure of being the sex vixen we all wish we could be. Vicariously we read her sexual exploits and wondered can this be real? Then we all got hooked on WineBar. Reading First Comes Love opens up new insight on this love story. I couldn't put this book down. It grabs you, shakes you, and makes you believe in HEA. This book follows 11 couples and what happens at an exclusive apartment building in NYC. Threaded through each couple's story is the story of Emilia and Evan (Alexis and WineBar?). Naturally the sex is super hot.I'm talking panty dripping wet. I would never expect anything less from Miss Alexis. This book was so creatively written that if you don't like one couple's story just keep reading because even though each couple is so different there will be one that will be your favorite. After each story is an entry from Alexis herself and a piece of her WineBar story. I just love this book. Just read it!!

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