Thalia knew what it took to get the story. As a hungry intergalactic journalist, her job was to get the scoop at any cost. Whether she got it by threats, subtlety or her womanly charms, she always managed to get the story out of a subject. It didn't matter if the subject this time was a handsome Bear Shifter smuggler aboard the sector's most notorious star craft. Keep it professional, Thalia!

Hyde didn't know what she was up to, but this gal had something up her sleeve. She thinks he didn't notice her sizing him up from across the bar. She thinks he didn't notice the nervous way she swallowed before offering to buy him a drink. Buy me a drink? Either she wanted information, or she wanted to lure him into a back alley so a group of Port Security could finally put a phase collar around his neck. Either way, he was curious...

This 15,000+ word BBW Bear Shifter Romance novella has all the heat and passion of a Fated Mates story!