Kitty Konstantine is used to being called names. Cut throat. Demon. Bitch. But the title that always trips her up is "daughter." No matter what she achieved, her father was always ready to cut her down. Even now that she's signed The Four Saints, it's still not good enough. Now, if she can't get them signed under a tighter contract, she'll lose everything.

Bart Saint was pure swagger. He had that level of arrogance that couldn't be earned, so only the very few could pull it off. Tall? Sure. Handsome? Oh yeah. But it was something else that made heads turn when he walked into a room. He knew exactly who he was, and that made him invincible. He was manager to his nephews, and he'd be damned if he let Kitty Konstantine put the squeeze to them.

Let the battle of wills begin. May the most stubborn negotiator win.

This 12,000+ word novella has hot Country Music Bear Shifter action, a Happily Ever After, no cheating and no cliffhangers!