Sex Toys

Publish Date: December 28, 2021

He had my name on his hit list.
But I couldn’t leave my baby without a mother.
So I made him a deal:
Take my body. Leave my baby.
And to my horrified surprise… he accepted.

I always knew my ex was a crazy S.O.B.
But hiring an assassin to murder me in my sleep?
That’s more than insane. That’s downright evil.
But there’s no stopping it now.
And when the hitman kicks down my door, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my little angel.

The only problem is, I have no bargaining chips.
Except for one thing…

My body.

I can tell by the way the killer looks at me that he wants a taste.
I’ve sworn off men since my ex abused me.
But I’ll break any promise if it means my baby survives.

The sickest thing of all is that part of me WANTS the hitman to take me.
Those hands have done dirty things.
And I want to see what they can do to me.

Submitting to him is the sweetest sin I’ve ever committed.

But Evan’s employer doesn’t take kindly to a failed job.
And just as soon as I fall into the hitman’s arms, we have to go running for our lives.

It would be cute if it wasn’t so terrifying.
Like a little family on the road – me, my man, and my baby.
But if his employer’s men catch up to us…
There will be hell to pay.

HITMAN’S BABY is a standalone contemporary bad boy baby heist romance. It's hot, exciting, safe, and of course comes with a perfect HEA. It also includes bonus novels so you never have to stop reading!